Monday, February 2, 2009

Le Souffle

My wife and I had an anniversary lunch last Sunday at Le Souffle over at Rockwell.
The place was recommended to us by a couple of friends and we've heard a lot of good things about them.
Here's what I recommend.
The salad ala Governor Vi made with goose liver, scallops and smoked salmon was a superb way to start everything. I wasn't satisfied with the the measly 40g of goose liver so we also ordered the Pan-fried goose liver salad. Yes! Goose liver. I still can't stop thinking about it.
We also had the rib-eye steak and the pan-seared sea bass. The rib-eye was cooked to perfection - tender yet not bloody. The sea bass was okay, though the branch admitted that the pan-seared sea bass was more of the Boni branch's specialty. (For some reason, all the sea bass I've eaten within the past three years taste like cod, which is sea bass substitute. Where have the real sea bass gone?) If they offered to convert your mashed potatoes to the vegetable risotto - stay away. The risotto tasted like lumpia insides. This was the only down note to our meal.
As a finale, we tried the chocolate souffle. It was, in a word, divine. Tasty but not too sweet.
I'd recommend the place for those special occassions only though, as eating there can hit your wallet a bit hard. Still, we're going back there soon.


  1. Goose liver. o_O I've never been much on internal organs, but the last time I was in Le Souffle was the time I first tried fried ice cream. And we went to the Ortigas branch.

  2. It's creamy - almost like ice cream.

  3. Sounds good. Never been there myself, even though I've been studying in the rockwell area the last few years. Definitely something to check out.

    Do they still have savoury souffles?

  4. Yup. Haven't tried them yet. Aren't they going to taste like quiche?